Rance Olison, Sr                                                                                                                   


 These last two years have been challenging and unique. We, as a community, have had time to reflect on how invaluable our lives and families are to us. The Rance Olison Healthy Heart Foundation is hosting the Celebrity Golf Tournament and Gala on October 29th of 2022. We will “Tee” off the Celebrity Golf Tournament to begin the day, which will lead into the evening to the “Great Gatsby Gala”.

To reflect on our “Why". Our former NFL player, Rance Olison Sr., lived life on purpose. His walk was the reflection of his personal journey of giving and receiving. Mr. Rance Olison Sr., lost his battle with life in 2018, but his impact on what life looks like will continue to be the “Heart Beat” to his legacy and our community. His dream was to make sure that his community was provided “Heart Healthy” meals around the holidays so that no family or child would go hungry. His giving heart began in his own home with his mother. She instilled in Rance the love of giving from the heart. He carried that invaluable treasure from El Dorado Arkansas to San Antonio Texas. His heart was full of giving until his last beat.

This is why your support is so important to the “Cause” and our community. The Rance Olison Healthy Heart Foundation has fed over 5000 families in our San Antonio community. Healthy living begins at home. We want to make sure that not one family goes without in our community.

Let’s keep the “Heart Beats” pumping. Each individual and/or organization will have the opportunity to attend both events. Support today!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Former NFL players Johnny "Skywalker" Walker, Rance Olison along with retired NFL player Priest Holmes giving back to their community by passing out donations and signing autographs.

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